10 Ways To Improve BMW Fuel Efficiency

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Improve BMW Fuel Efficiency For A Sustainable Drive

Being a BMW owner comes with a sense of pride and satisfaction for most German car enthusiasts. The brand has long been synonymous with performance and luxury, supported by its innovations and cutting-edge technology. Known for its powerful engines and sleek, eye-catching designs, the brand combines a sporty driving experience with complete comfort. Among German cars, BMW Fuel Efficiency is also something that needs to be mentioned. As one of the most futuristic and technologically-forward brands, BMW brings a certain sense of exclusivity. Designed to perfection.

With that said, like any other supercar, BMW cars require regular care and maintenance to perform at their peak. For this, we recommend visiting a trusted BMW Service Center in your city at regular intervals.

Owning a BMW comes with the thrill of performance and luxury, but also the responsibility of fuel costs and environmental impact. As a brand that’s actively promoting sustainability, it is important for you too to align with its ideals and ensure the fuel efficiency of your ride.

In this blog, we will learn why it’s necessary to improve your BMW Fuel Efficiency and how you can achieve the same.

Improving BMW Fuel Efficiency: Understanding the Whys

In the most simple terms, fuel efficiency is a measure of how much a car will convert energy in the fuel into kinetic energy to travel. In other words, fuel efficiency tells us how far your car can travel using a certain amount of fuel. So how does improving your BMW’s fuel efficiency a win-win situation for you? Let’s find out.

Financial Wins

  • Fuel prices are soaring throughout the globe, which is one reason why you must turn your focus to improving fuel efficiency. The more fuel-efficient your prized BMW is, the less you spend on fuel every month.
  • Improving your BMW Fuel Efficiency also helps you keep maintenance costs at bay. Fuel-efficient driving practices such as smooth acceleration or avoiding idling puts less stress on your car’s engine and other components, which in turn reduces your overall maintenance costs.

Environmental Wins

  • It’s known that transportation is one of the biggest contributors to greenhouse gas emissions globally. As a BMW owner, putting a little time and effort into improving your fuel efficiency will help in reducing your overall carbon footprint and combat climate change.
  • Fuel-efficient BMWs also produce fewer pollutants such as nitrogen oxides and particulate matter. This in turn contributes to cleaner air and improved public health.

Performance Wins

  • Improved fuel efficiency translates to a longer driving range on a single charge for hybrid and electric BMWs, which drastically enhances your travel flexibility.
  • Fuel efficiency driving techniques such as smoother acceleration and better handling improve your driving experience and make it more enjoyable.

Now let’s discuss how to ensure your BMW’s fuel efficiency.

10 Ways to improve your BMW fuel efficiency

To improve your BMW’s fuel efficiency, we strongly recommend following routine BMW servicing and safer driving practices. Let’s take a look at them.

Check your tire pressure

Did you know that over-inflated or under-inflated tires can negatively impact your car’s fuel economy and shorten the lifespan of your tires? At our BMW Service Center, all routine check-ups start with a tire pressure check using a digital pressure gauge. On finding an issue with the tire pressure, our auto repair specialists will take the necessary steps to rectify it.

Replace the spark plugs

Severely worn-out spark plugs can cause misfire or incomplete combustion, which results in fuel wastage. We recommend replacing your worn-out spark plugs at our BMW repair workshop to help your engine run cleaner and increase overall fuel efficiency.

Spark Plug Replace - Munich Motor Works

Realign your wheels

Misaligned wheels are not only a cause for accidents, but they also wear out quickly, costing you a lot on fuel charges. To check your wheel alignment, we recommend bringing your car in for an inspection. If one side of the tire is worn out more than the other, our technicians will help the wheels get aligned properly.

Replace the air filter

At our BMW garage, we typically make it a point to replace your air filter when you bring your vehicle in for routine maintenance. Replacing a dirty air filter will help improve your acceleration and fuel economy.

Motor oil change

By upgrading the manufacturer-recommended motor oil, you can improve your BMW Fuel Efficiency by around 1%-2%. At Munich Motor Works, we ensure that your motor oil is manufacturer-approved and has proper viscosity for the exterior temperature.

Practice smooth acceleration

Forceful acceleration can cause more fuel to burn, which in turn reduces your overall fuel economy. We recommend smoother acceleration, taking about five seconds to bring your vehicle up to 10 mph from a standstill to avoid unnecessary fuel burnout.

Be mindful of your speed

While it’s natural for a BMW owner to enjoy their ride at great speed, high speeds use up a lot of fuel. To optimize your fuel economy, it’s best to stay in the fuel consumption speed sweet spot between 55 and 65 mph on highways.

Limit your AC usage

Using your car’s air conditioning a lot can cause up to 20% more fuel to burn. When you use the AC, try using the recirculation mode instead of keeping it at full power.

Be wary of stop-and-go traffic

Stop-and-go traffic causes a lot of fuel to burn up, putting stress on your car’s drivetrain. If your daily route tends to have traffic jams, plan your journey to avoid rush hour traffic.

Learn to coast to stop

As you take your BMW to hit the roads, learn to accelerate and accelerate mindfully while driving. Instead of harshly pressing on the brakes, allow your car to coast to a stop. This will also help improve your fuel efficiency in the long run.

Final Words

Improving fuel economy is a good practice for your BMW making significant changes to the way you drive. By adopting fuel-efficient driving habits and considering eco-friendly upgrades for your BMW, you can reap financial rewards, contribute to a cleaner environment, and enjoy a more pleasant driving experience.

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