All European luxury automobiles come with next-gen car navigation systems that offer advanced features and capabilities that help enhance the driving experience. Today, Car Navigation System Update and Repair are a necessity rather than a luxury. With sophisticated GPS (Global Positioning System), the navigation systems provide high-resolution maps that give detailed information about roads, landmarks, points of interest, and real-time traffic. These car GPS navigation systems also have an intuitive user interface that is user-friendly, with touch screen and voice command controls, offering car owners seamless experiences.

To keep your car navigation system up-to-date, we recommend regular upgrades. Access the latest maps and software that can refine your car’s navigation. At our Munich Motor Works, we understand your European car navigation and multimedia system well and can tailor settings that promise a smoother, hassle-free drive.

When Do You Need a Navigation System Update or Repair?

We recommend a car navigation system update or repair in the following cases

Why Choose Munich Motor Works For Navigation System Update

At Munich Motor Works, we focus on providing world-class services to your prized luxury European and German cars. Our range of top-class car navigation system update services is tailored specifically for over 20 vehicle manufacturers. At our car service center in Dubai, you can expect your car navigation system to be thoroughly inspected, repaired, and updated to ensure optimal performance and accuracy in providing navigation assistance while driving.

Our skilled team of mechanics is adept in understanding and working on these sophisticated systems, providing the latest mapping data, software improvements, and advanced features while maintaining a high level of integration with the vehicle’s infotainment system and other technologies.

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Car Navigation System Update and Repair Dubai


  • Why is my car GPS not working?

    Your car’s GPS may not be working due to a weak signal, outdated maps, or a technical issue with the system itself.

  • Can the car touch screen be repaired?

    Yes, car touch screens can often be repaired by replacing the damaged screen or fixing any software or hardware issues.

  • How does a car navigation system work?

    A car navigation system uses GPS to determine your location and provide turn-by-turn directions to your destination.

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