Reliable Car Transmission Repair in Dubai

The transmission is a part of the car that serves to smoothly and efficiently transfer power from the engine to the wheels, ensuring a seamless driving experience. The transmission system also allows precise control over gear shifts, optimizing performance and fuel efficiency while maintaining a comfortable ride quality. To ensure the longevity and performance of this system, it’s important to do routine transmission repair and maintenance.

At Munich Motor Works, we work with different transmission types, including Auto transmission repair, manual transmission repair, automated manual transmission repair, and continuously variable transmission repair.
Some luxury European and German cars come with advanced transmission systems with features like adaptive shift patterns or manual mode for enhanced driver engagement and customization. Whatever type of system is equipped in your car, we’ve got you covered.

When Do You Require a Car Transmission Repair?

If your luxury car shows any of these symptoms below, it could be a sign of a transmission issue and needs prompt transmission repair and maintenance

Why Consider Munich Motor Works for Transmission Repair Service in Dubai?

At Munich Motor Works, we focus on car transmission repair and gearbox repair for high-performance luxury European brands like BMW, Audi, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, and many others. Our trained technicians possess in-depth knowledge of these vehicles’ transmission systems, ensuring accurate diagnosis and efficient repairs at.

Using high-quality OEM parts and state-of-the-art equipment, we at Munich Motor Works guarantee optimal performance and reliability. With a commitment to customer satisfaction, transparent pricing, and possible warranty coverage, our services are reliable and hassle-free.

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What We Offer

Our car transmission services in Dubai include:

  • Transmission/Gearbox Inspection
  • Transmission Repair
  • Transmission Rebuild
  • Transmission Replacement
  • Transmission Oil Change
  • Transmission Fluid Change


  • Where can I find transmission repair near me?

    Munich Motor Works is considered one of the best car service centers in Dubai, capable of providing top-notch car transmission repair services in Dubai and maintenance services. At our car repair workshop in Dubai, we have transmission repair specialists and gearbox repair professionals with more than 15 years of experience to take care of your car and provide it with the necessary care.

  • Is a transmission repairable?

    Whether a transmission can be repaired depends on the extent of damage. Minor issues may be repairable, but severe internal damage often requires replacement.

  • Can I drive with a bad transmission?

    It’s not recommended to drive with a faulty transmission, as it can lead to further damage and potential safety hazards.

  • What are the symptoms of a bad transmission?

    Signs include slipping gears, burning smell, grinding noises, leaking fluid, and the Check Engine light illuminating.

  • How long will a bad transmission last?

    It’s difficult to predict how long before total failure, but driving on a damaged transmission shortens its remaining lifespan considerably.

  • What happens when a car transmission goes bad?

    A failing transmission makes it difficult to change gears properly and may eventually lead to being stuck in one gear or unable to move.

  • Can automatic transmission be repaired?

    Yes, many automatic transmission issues like leaks, solenoid problems, or low fluid can potentially be repaired by a mechanic. We also do auto transmission repair at our car workshop and our auto transmission repair specialists ensure premium repairs.

  • Why is it so expensive to fix a transmission?

    Transmissions are complex components with many parts. The labor-intensive repair or rebuild process makes it costly.

  • Can Munich Motor Works do my Audi transmission repair?

    Yes, we are a leading car garage in Dubai offering different car repair services including auto transmission repair for German cars like Audi.

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