Terms & Conditions

MUNICH MOTOR WORKS is responsible for following Federal Law No. 15 of 2020 on Consumer Protection and repealing the Federal Law No. 24 of 2006, on consumer protection.

MUNICH MOTOR WORKS will ensure that the repairs are carried out following the manufacturer’s specifications. We’re following all the standards imposed by the manufacturer, by using the repair materials, equipment, and qualified mechanics.


MUNICH MOTOR WORKS has the right to have a fixed and flexible price depending on the work we provide and cannot be negotiated after the completion of the repairs; any negotiation must be concluded only in the preliminary phase of approval.

Repairs exceeding AED 10,000 must be paid for in advance by at least 50% through the company’s methods of payment.

The vehicle will be handled with care as long as it is in our custody, and we make sure that your car is well stored and cared for.

Vehicles will be parked in an external parking lot, without a roof. However, secured and free of charge for 14 days from the date of informing the customer that the repair has been completed. This free period will expire after 14 days and will subsequently be charged daily with AED 50 per day which must be paid by the customer or the person picking up the vehicle.

MUNICH MOTOR WORKS is not responsible for any damage to the vehicle caused by natural elements such as wind, sun, rain, floods, hail, or the accident of the vehicle by another person while it is parked or stationary.


The necessary tests of the vehicle before the start of the work or after the completion of the work are necessary for the repair process. MUNICH MOTOR WORKS is not responsible if the car or the windows/dents were scratched by elements thrown by other vehicles while driving on the road or parked. MUNICH MOTOR WORKS assumes repair responsibility for accidents caused by the fault of the driver employed by Munich Motor Works.


MUNICH MOTOR WORKS is not responsible for any valuables left inside the vehicle (money, watches, telephones, gold, or other things). Please take them before leaving the vehicle in the service center.


* 12 months or 15000 km for original spare parts

* 18 months or 30000 km for aftermarket spare parts OFFERED by MUNICH MOTOR WORKS from the day of delivery, except for products whose average duration of use is less than 180 days

* 30 days for used parts.

MUNICH MOTOR WORKS does not install parts provided by customers (new / used parts).



The warranty excludes labor costs for part installation or removal, as well as providing substitute parts during the warranty. All warranty claims must be made through our authorized service provider or our facility with a valid copy of the original order and warranty certificate or invoice.


MUNICH MOTOR WORKS provides a 3-month (90 calendar days) warranty for service labor. If defects arise after the labor warranty, MUNICH MOTOR WORKS covers faulty part replacement, with the customer paying labor costs. As per your commitment to signing these Terms & Conditions.

Consumables (light bulbs, antifreeze, oil, filters, sprays, windshield wipers, tires, etc.) are not covered under any guarantee. These points are checked at the time of purchase. Normal/natural wear and adjustment work is excluded from the warranty.


In case of repair failure, the customer must inform MUNICH MOTOR WORKS within 2 days of noticing the issue. The customer should avoid intervening in the failure for proper analysis by MUNICH MOTOR WORKS.

MUNICH MOTOR WORKS will also verify if the vehicle’s issue resulted from normal wear and tear. Non-compliance with the manufacturer’s instructions or warranty terms will also be examined. Simultaneously, the Buyer acknowledges and accepts any repair term extension due to parts delivery delays from suppliers. MUNICH MOTOR WORKS is exempted from any responsibility in this regard.

Using the vehicle on a race track, off-road, road race, or other modes of operation that do not suit the use specified by the manufacturer in the instruction manual or continuing to use the vehicle when the dashboard messages indicate a lack of oil in the engine or oil pressure or the indication of overheating of the engine or the lack of coolant will automatically cause the cancellation of the guarantee offered by MUNICH MOTOR WORKS for parts and labor and of the legal liability.

We retain the right to cancel any warranty at our sole discretion. This applies in instances of misuse, abuse, or damage due to improper handling, storage, installation, or maintenance.

Thank you.



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