Extended Warranty Program: Driving with Peace of Mind

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Your car is more than just a machine on wheels, it’s your freedom and independence, it’s your comfort, your memories, and your dreams. At Munich Motor Works, we understand the unique bond between an owner and their vehicle, and because of that relationship, we present our Extended Warranty Program. Like a safe seatbelt, our Extended Warranty Program provides the security and driving with the peace of mind you deserve on your journey in UAE.

Whether your car is brand-new or used, we want you to feel like you own the road. When it comes to all the warranties that have been offered to you, what makes Munich Motor Works’ Extended Warranty Program unique?

Extensive Coverage

Our Extended Warranty Program goes beyond the standard manufacturer’s warranty, covering essential components, and electrical and mechanical parts. You can take the wheel without worrying about any unexpected repairs that might happen

Service Booklet

MMWs’ Extended Warranty Programs don’t come alone, they come with your service booklet! Keeping track of the history of your car is very important for you and the car’s future owners. We track every service you’ve done and it’s also on us.

Transferable Warranty

If you want to sell your car before the warranty period expires, we’ve got your back! Our program allows you to transfer the warranty book and the service booklet to the new owner. This adds incredible value to your car and enhances its resale potential

Inspection Process

We firmly believe that curing a car’s health is better than leaving it till something happens. Our skilled technicians inspect the car thoroughly during each check-up, identifying and addressing potential issues before they escalate.

We like identifying and removing any cavities before they emerge and cause more damage to your car.

Priority Service

Scratch the appointment list, you and your car will always be Munich Motor Works’ VIP client. You don’t need to schedule an appointment, just pop in real quick and we’ll have it sorted before you can finish your cup of coffee.

At Munich Motor Works, we’re not just repairing or servicing your car, we’re breathing life into it. Our Extended Warranty Program reflects our commitment to delivering high-quality service and support.

Taking the next step towards embracing our Extended Warranty Program is simple. Simply reach out to our team at +97143474666, and we’ll guide you through the entire process. Your journey is unique, and your car is a vessel for your dreams and memories. Together, we’ll walk this path, cherishing every moment and ensuring you drive with the utmost confidence.

Extended Warranty Program - Munich Motor Works
Extended Warranty Program – Munich Motor Works

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