Engine Works


Our highly skilled team of Technicians will ensure your vehicle is returned to you in a first class condition in the shortest time possible.

Engine Works, Service Department:


Here at Munich Motor Works we have a team of fully skilled and trained technicians who are capable of carrying out all kinds of engine work. This could range from a simple oil and filter change to technically and mechanically challenging engine repairs and rebuilds etc.

We have a specific team of technicians who only specialise in the field of repairing and servicing vehicle Air-Conditioning systems and are able to accurately diagnose and estimate the causes of malfunctions and lack of cooling capability swiftly and accurately.

Our general mechanical section is also complete with experienced, trained technicians specialised in the areas of steering, suspension, brakes and wheel alignment to ensure precision steering, braking and handling, geometry/alignment and most importantly your safety.

We have the latest, state-of-the-art diagnostic systems that allow us to diagnose and rectify any faults swiftly and accurately.

NOTE: Rims with minor bends can be repaired. HOWEVER, we will not repair major rim damage or heavily bent or buckled rims as these are safety related structural components. Badly damaged rims should be written off and replaced.

 We are committed to providing an honest and premium customer service experience that exceeds expectations and provides quality and value for money.


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