Back in September 2020, we were asked by the owner of a 2000 model year BMW Z3 2.8i, to carry out a complete mechanical and cosmetic inspection on his car in order to restore it back to its former glory.

The bodywork was in need of a general refresh along with a refurbishment of the wheel rims.

Mechanically the car was in a pretty solid condition, but the engine had suffered several major oil leaks that needed attention. Most of the suspension rubber bushes and mountings had deteriorated and cracked over time and these all needed to be replaced.

A major service was also required along with the replacement of all of the oils in the engine, transmission and rear axle.

The engine and transmission mountings were replaced due to age, during the service.

Also, due to age and sun, the interior had become faded and the leather hard and cracked.

All in all, approximately 3-months worth of work involving a team of dedicated BMW specialists who would lovingly bring this car back to ‘as new’.

This video shows the end result of this amazing little car/project and how a team of independent BMW specialists have revived this classic car.

The car now looks and drives as new!….. The owner is over the moon!

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