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Used Car Sales;

Our Used Cars come with a full technical inspection along with our Munich Motor Works comprehensive warranty.


Our highly skilled team of experienced and factory trained Technicians will ensure your vehicle is returned to you in a first class condition in the shortest time possible.

Air Conditioning;

A crucial requirement for every vehicle in the UAE, we have a team of AC specialists who will ensure your AC is always working at maximum efficiency.

Engine Repairs;

Car Repairs service – Apart from all the special tools and equipment required for a technically correct engine repair, our experienced technicians are able to handle any minor or major engine repairs.

Safety & Technical Inspection;

A FREE but equally important part of all of our services is our Safety & Technical inspection. This forms parts of our quality standard and will give you a complete overview about the general mechanical, technical and safety condition of your vehicle.

Transmission Repairs;

Having issues with your transmission? Give Munich Motor Works a call for a free inspection and report will show you best Car Repairs service.

Vehicle Appraisal / Pre-Purchase Inspection;

We offer this service for anyone wishing to purchase a Used vehicle. We will carry out a complete inspection of the vehicle and prepare a general condition advisory report.

We are committed to providing an honest and premium customer service experience that exceeds expectations and provides quality and value for money.

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